Greetings!   2007-01-27 00:00:00

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present - after much procrastination - webtoys. This site is where I will host silly little experiments with browser-based technologies. Its stated aim: making the web a stupider place for everybody.

I suppose I don't really have an awful lot more to say about that. The first toy, "fluent engrish", is now up, having been tested in Opera 9, IE 7 and Firefoxes 1.5 & 2. The URL of this site is supposed to be http://webtoys.mangobrain.co.uk, but you will find that it redirects to something more horrid; this, unfortunately, was the best I could manage given the restrictions of my current web hosting (I don't have the money for a dedicated server, virtual or otherwise).

Well, erm... enjoy creating gibberish, and watch out for more stuff as and when it gets created.

Update, 2008-04-14: The URL now is what I originally wanted, having switched hosts, and I've fixed the link to the toy in the above paragraph. :)


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